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Breaking Down Barriers in Opioid Addiction Treatment

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Deeply concerned about the opioid crisis in Texas, we at Step-Free Recovery have observed firsthand how addiction impacts people from all walks of life. The glaring issue of accessibility to treatment has been a significant challenge, but one we are committed to overcoming.

Embracing Telemedicine for Wider Reach

Step-Free Recovery's innovative approach involves telemedicine services, which have been transformative. Offering secure online visits and same-day appointments, we have effectively removed the barriers of long-distance travel and lengthy waiting times. This has been especially vital in rural Texas, where healthcare providers are scarce.

24-Hour On-Call Support: A Safety Net in Crisis

The unpredictability of the recovery journey, with emergencies that occur outside regular business hours, is acknowledged by Step-Free Recovery through our 24-hour on-call service. This availability provides essential support during critical times, like severe withdrawal or potential relapse, and has been crucial for many in navigating recovery.

Overcoming Geographical and Logistical Challenges

Step-Free Recovery's decision to operate solely through telemedicine is a testament to our commitment to accessibility. By doing so, we have extended our reach to even the most remote corners of Texas. For many who previously saw location as a barrier to accessing Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), this has been a significant breakthrough.

Evidence-Based Treatment at Your Fingertips

Step-Free Recovery utilizes evidenced-based practice in our approach to opioid use disorder. We are committed to updating our induction technique based on new and updated research. Furthermore, our induction techniques are designed to minimize the length of withdrawal and discomfort during the transition from opioids to Suboxone. Fentanyl heightens the risk of precipitated withdrawal, making induction almost too difficult to bear. At Step-Free Recovery, our novel induction approach to Fentanyl addiction has eliminated the need to go "cold-turkey" for days before taking the first dose of Suboxone; instead, individuals are able to successfully induce and have no symptoms of withdrawal within an hour.

A Beacon of Hope for Rural Texas

Step-Free Recovery isn't just another treatment provider; they are trailblazers in making MAT for opioid addiction accessible in Texas. Their telemedicine service, same-day appointments, and 24-hour on-call option are commendable efforts in ensuring that those in rural areas have equal opportunities for recovery as those in urban settings.

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